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Surveillance of your home or small business is no longer just for the event of a break-in or theft.  Comprehensive surveillance of your home or small business is peace of mind knowing your home and/or business can be monitored 24/7 onsite or off.  Features include:

  • Always recording or recording only motion events

  • Motion event notifications

  • Time-based retention policies

  • 1 and 2 way audio

  • Smart detection for detecting people and vehicles

  • Ability to grow your storage for retention purposes

  • Power Over Ethernet (POE) capable cameras

  • 1080p up to 4k resolution

  • Video and audio footage stored in your network, not someone else's

  • Custom video walls

Whether it's one camera or twenty, Brothers Network Solutions can help you determine your surveillance needs and install, configure, and train you on how to use your system.

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