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Network security is critical in today's business and home networks.  Often times home owners and small businesses use a simple network setup that includes an out-of-the-box wireless router.  This is great to get wired and wireless connections up and running quickly, but this type setup is often left configured just as it was from the factory meaning just about anyone could potentially access your network.  This type network is also what is known as a "flat" network.  A flat network is a single network where any and all devices connected to it can communicate with each other.  This means that your personal devices such as computers, phones, and tablets are in the same lane of traffic as weak security devices such as your thermostat, smart TV, or robot vacuum.  These devices are often referred to as IoT devices or Internet of Things devices.  This is where a hacker can easily access one of these IoT devices and then hop over from it to your personal device and potentially steal your personal data.  This is where we come in.

Your robot vac doesn't need to be able to read your email and someone that gains access to your email doesn't need to be able to look at your security cameras or baby monitor.  With proper network security and configuration we can prevent these things from happening.

Network security doesn't have to be complicated.  With the right gear and an understanding of your home or business needs, Brothers Network Solutions will install a dedicated firewall with traffic rules and create what is known as VLANs.  VLANs are Virtual Local Area Networks that split apart the traffic inside a flat LAN or local area network.  Rules are then created such that only certain traffic can traverse these VLANs or lanes of traffic.  This is the method that we will use to connect your personal devices, IoT devices, and even your guest devices safely and keep their traffic isolated except where we allow them to communicate.


We will even teach you how for your future needs and growth or manage it for you as a service.

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