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With the increase in virtual learning, online meetings, and the need to learn and run a business from just about anywhere...robust wireless networks are critical to making that happen.

What does your wireless network consist of?  A single router that has wifi built in?  Is it also an eyesore? Perhaps a few mesh devices that help to "spread out" the wireless signal?  Whatever it is, it likely isn't enough to support the multitude of devices connecting to it daily and keeping them secure.

What is meant by enterprise level wireless networks?

  • A strong signal everywhere it's needed...inside and out

  • The capacity to connect a large amount of devices

  • Properly configured radios and channels for accurate roaming

  • The ability to support multiple networks (SSIDs)

  • The ability to support VLANs across the networks for security reasons

  • The ability to prioritize and limit traffic based on device and/or user

Below are two images of different wireless networks.  The image on the left is a typical wireless setup that involves a single wireless router sitting somewhere in the house.  It broadcasts its signal from that location with a strong signal only being available while being near the router.  As you move away from the router throughout the house, the signal becomes weaker and overall internet throughput much slower until you eventually get no signal at all.

The image on the right demonstrates an enterprise wireless network setup.  In this scenario there are four access points distributed throughout the house so that a strong signal is repeated equally from each access point.  As you move throughout the house, your device will "roam" to the nearest/strongest access point for the best signal and highest internet throughput.  The access points themselves are wired back into a network switch that not only supplies the network connection to the access points, but also supplies their power.  We do our best to hide the access points in closets or pantries to keep them out of sight.  When possible, the switch and internet modem are relocated out of of sight and mind in a network rack so that the finished product is a nice clean setup.

Tradtitional Wifi Setup
Enterprise Wifi Setup

Brothers Network Solutions has over 10 years of experience installing and configuring small and large enterprise level wireless networks.  Let us help you with all of your wireless network needs.

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